Welcome to the Calder Valley Snooker League

*Updated as of 26/09/2023

Important League Changes

Competition Registrations

Any player who wishes to enter any competition must have played at least 1 game in the league before the competition starts. This includes any player who wishes to play in the team competition.

All competition registrations have now been moved online. Only online regisatrations that meet the entry criteria will be entered into the competitions.

To register, go to Competition Registrations

Competition Matches

All (except the Team KO) Competition rounds before the final will be a best of 3 frames, with all games to be played at the home player(s)/team's club.

The Merit, Individual, and Veterans finals will be played over the best of 5 frames.

The Pairs final will be played over the best of 3 frames.

The Team KO final will be played in a single game.

Unregistered Players

Unregistered players wishing to play in the league must play of "scratch" until they are registered, unless they declare a lower handicap (e.g., Minus 10).

Former registered players must declare and play off their previous handicap.

All new players must have a suggested handicap proposed by an existing member of the Calder Valley League.

A default handicap of +15 may be given if the ability of the new player is unknown.

Handicap Rules

Handicaps are incremented in single digits (+/- 1)

  • If a player wins, their handicap has a -1 applied to it.
  • If a player loses, their handicap has a +1 applied to it.
  • If the win/lost margin is >= 30 points, an additional +/-1 is applied.

The minimum handicap is (Minus 70) and the maximum handicap is +35.

Handicap Adjustments

All handicap adjustments will be presented for approval at each league meeting.

Any players who have played any game(s) since the last review, their handicap will be changed.

Any objections can only be raised during the appropriate league meeting to be discussed and approved by the League.

No adjustments will be made within the last 4 game weeks of the season, unless the Handicap Committee deems an adjustment is required.

End of season handicap adjustments will be applied to the start of the following season.

Fixture Results

All fixture results must be submitted online within 36hrs of the fixture taking place. This means that if a match is played on a Monday night, the home team have until Wednesday midday to submit the result.

Failure to submit the results within the allocated time will now start to incur points deduction.


Each team is now responsible for their own collections.

Home teams do not need to collect the away team's collections after each match.

All collections are to be given to the league at the appropriate league meetings.

Upcoming Fixtures

Arden Road SC

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Bolton Brow B

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Cath. Memorial A

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Cath. Memorial B

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Greenroyd A

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Heptonstall A

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Hill Crest A

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Hill Crest B

 Home TeamDateAway Team

King X WMC A

 Home TeamDateAway Team

King X WMC B

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Lee Mount A

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Lee Mount B

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Lee Mount C

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Mytholmroyd B

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Pellon A

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Pellon B

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Pellon C

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Pellon D

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Pennine A

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Pennine B

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Ripponden Cons A

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Ripponden Cons B

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Savile A

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Savile B

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Todmorden USC A

 Home TeamDateAway Team

Todmorden USC B

 Home TeamDateAway Team