2022-2023 Todmorden United Services Club

*Updated as of 02/02/2023

Todmorden United Services Club

White Hart Fold, Todmorden, OL14 7BD
Telephone: 01706 812 290

Division 1 Teams

Same positionTodmorden USC BDivision 1151203630
10 Same positionTodmorden USC ADivision 112428330

Todmorden USC A

 DateHome TeamAway Team
H26/09/2022Todmorden USC ABye
A03/10/2022Savile ATodmorden USC A
H10/10/2022Todmorden USC ACath. Memorial A
A17/10/2022Heptonstall ATodmorden USC A
H24/10/2022Todmorden USC APellon A
H31/10/2022Todmorden USC ABye
H07/11/2022Todmorden USC ATodmorden USC B
A14/11/2022Savile BTodmorden USC A
H21/11/2022Todmorden USC ARipponden Cons A
A28/11/2022Pellon CTodmorden USC A
H05/12/2022Todmorden USC APellon D
A12/12/2022Lee Mount ATodmorden USC A
H19/12/2022Todmorden USC ABolton Brow B
H09/01/2023Todmorden USC ABye
H16/01/2023Todmorden USC ASavile A
A23/01/2023Cath. Memorial ATodmorden USC A
H30/01/2023Todmorden USC AHeptonstall A
A06/02/2023Pellon ATodmorden USC A
H13/02/2023Todmorden USC ABye
A20/02/2023Todmorden USC BTodmorden USC A
H27/02/2023Todmorden USC ASavile B
A06/03/2023Ripponden Cons ATodmorden USC A
H13/03/2023Todmorden USC APellon C
A20/03/2023Pellon DTodmorden USC A
H27/03/2023Todmorden USC ALee Mount A
A17/04/2023Bolton Brow BTodmorden USC A

Todmorden USC B

 DateHome TeamAway Team
A26/09/2022Savile BTodmorden USC B
H03/10/2022Todmorden USC BRipponden Cons A
A10/10/2022Pellon CTodmorden USC B
H17/10/2022Todmorden USC BPellon D
A24/10/2022Lee Mount ATodmorden USC B
H31/10/2022Todmorden USC BBolton Brow B
A07/11/2022Todmorden USC ATodmorden USC B
H14/11/2022Todmorden USC BSavile A
A21/11/2022Cath. Memorial ATodmorden USC B
H28/11/2022Todmorden USC BHeptonstall A
A05/12/2022Pellon ATodmorden USC B
H12/12/2022Todmorden USC BBye
H19/12/2022Todmorden USC BBye
H09/01/2023Todmorden USC BSavile B
A16/01/2023Ripponden Cons ATodmorden USC B
H23/01/2023Todmorden USC BPellon C
A30/01/2023Pellon DTodmorden USC B
H06/02/2023Todmorden USC BLee Mount A
A13/02/2023Bolton Brow BTodmorden USC B
H20/02/2023Todmorden USC BTodmorden USC A
A27/02/2023Savile ATodmorden USC B
H06/03/2023Todmorden USC BCath. Memorial A
A13/03/2023Heptonstall ATodmorden USC B
H20/03/2023Todmorden USC BPellon A
H27/03/2023Todmorden USC BBye
H17/04/2023Todmorden USC BBye

Players Summary

Player P W L Scored Against
A. Hammond161241004756
C. Smith15123918715
C. Thornsby1147638682
D. Brown422249261
G. Wadsworth1358659815
H. Dunne1138635730
J. Brown1147593682
K. Lee1013476
K. Nyari523236309
L. Colclough1266769705
M. Sawyer972630501
S. Newbold844472437

These players have played at least 1 games this season.

Cartlidge Cup - Overall

Pos Club PLayer W P Scored Against Form
Same positionTodmorden USCA. Hammond12161004756W L W W L 
Same positionTodmorden USCC. Smith1215918715L W W W W 
48 Same positionTodmorden USCM. Sawyer79630501L W W L W 
57 Same positionTodmorden USCL. Colclough612769705W L L L L 
69 Same positionTodmorden USCG. Wadsworth513659815W L L L L 
85 Same positionTodmorden USCC. Thornsby411638682L W L W L 
86 Same positionTodmorden USCJ. Brown411593682L L W L W 
91 Same positionTodmorden USCS. Newbold48472437L L W L L 
101 Same positionTodmorden USCH. Dunne311635730L L L L L 
115 Same positionTodmorden USCK. Nyari25236309L W W L L 
116 Same positionTodmorden USCD. Brown24249261W W L L 
154 Same positionTodmorden USCK. Lee013476L 

Club Stats

Category Score Who
Player Biggest Winning Margin103C. Thornsby
Team84Todmorden USC A
Team Highest Score61Todmorden USC A
Team Biggest Winning Margin293Todmorden USC B
Team Biggest Losing Margin175Todmorden USC A
Team Player118Todmorden USC B
Team Position118Todmorden USC A
HighBreak44A. Hammond

Registered Players

These players are registered but have not played a game this season.

Player Handicap
S. Frewin+10
w/o Todmorden USCscr