2022-2023 Handicap Summary

*Updated as of 25/11/2022

League Handicap Information

This section is to inform everyone of the handicaps that each player will start with at the beginning of each season, along with any adjustments that may be done upon each players performance. The handicap committee meets on a regular basis to review each players handicap based upon their results.

New Registrations

All new players should have a suggested handicap proposed by an existing member of the Calder Valley League. There no longer is a default handicap of +15. If a player who has previously registered but isn't currently, must declare their previous handicap.

Unregistered Players

Any player that is not registered to play in the league must play of "Scratch" until they are registered, unless they declare a lower handicap (e.g. minus 10). This handicap will be reviewed after 6 results.

Starred (*) Players

They are continuously reviewed and can be adjusted at anytime, not necessary after each tranche of 6 matches. It also works both ways, not only if a player is winning a higher percentage than losing but also if a player is losing a higher percentage than winning. The handicap committee will then propose a handicap adjustment and the committee will vote on the change if necessary.

Other Players

This means that a player has reached a certain standard of play where they predominately win the same or only slight win more than they lose. They will be reviewed at the beginning of every new season.

Best Players

Handicap Club Player W P
(Minus)60King X WMCJ. Gallagher49
(Minus)55King X WMCM. Beck00
(Minus)40Hill CrestD. Halliday00
(Minus)35PellonP. Young00
(Minus)30PellonH. Lindsey48
(Minus)25Cath. MemorialD. Coyle46
(Minus)20King X WMCK. Taylor47
(Minus)15PellonP. Craig47
(Minus)10Bolton BrowJ. Helliwell47
(Minus)5Todmorden USCA. Hammond79
scrTodmorden USCC. Smith79
+5King X WMCJ. Whitley89
+10Hill CrestG. Swain99
+15PellonD. Lister78
+20King X WMCA. Green79
+25PellonJ. McAdam47
+30Lee MountH. Edwards67
+35King X WMCV. Crossley48

Handicap Summary

Handicap No of Players W P L

Player Registrations

Here is a list of all handicap changes and new registrations that have taken place since last season.

Date Club Player Handicap Comment
04/11/2022Hill CrestG. SwainPlayer has improved their level +10Handicap changed from +15
04/11/2022Lee MountA. BirtlePlayer has not played as good +30Handicap changed from +25
04/11/2022PellonD. ListerPlayer has improved their level +15Handicap changed from +20
04/11/2022King X WMCK. FozzardPlayer has improved their level +5Handicap changed from +10
04/11/2022Arden Road SCR. MccambridgePlayer has improved their level scrHandicap changed from +5
04/11/2022King X WMCA. GreenPlayer has improved their level +20Handicap changed from +25
04/11/2022Ripponden ConsJ. SharrattPlayer has improved their level +5Handicap changed from +10
04/11/2022HeptonstallS. CainePlayer has improved their level +20Handicap changed from +25
02/11/2022Bolton BrowS. FarnellNew registration of transfer +20New Registration
02/11/2022PennineK. McwhireNew registration of transfer +35New Registration
02/11/2022GreenroydS. TrowNew registration of transfer +20New Registration
12/10/2022HeptonstallS. CainePlayer has improved their level +25Handicap changed from +35
05/10/2022Hill CrestI. ScoltockNew registration of transfer (Minus)15Transfer from King X WMC
02/10/2022PennineJ. BraggNew registration of transfer +30New Registration